Core Values

The Worth of Individuals

To hold ourselves to the belief that each individual has an intrinsic value beyond agendas and commerce; we accept the responsibility of creating opportunities that encourage individuals to realize their potential.

Open Exchange of Ideas

To be open to the reality that meaningful and forward thinking ideas come from a willingness to explore the unknown and examine the impossible with bold confidence in our ability to shape the future. 

Find the Right Solution

To recognize that hard work results in finding a solution that not only achieves our business objectives, but also positively impacts those directly impacted by our work.

Aspire for Excellence

To pursue everything with excellence, fueled by the determination to settle for nothing less; convinced that when excellence is our goal, success will be the outcome.


Our Governing Principles

Fearless Learning

The belief that when fear is removed from what can be learned through success and failure, the unknown no longer intimidates, but provokes onward to overcome and accomplish.

Courage In Innovation

Knowing that reward comes from the courage to pursue the unknown, we aspire to innovate even in the face of uncertainty and criticism.

The Power of Contribution

An organization’s corporate strength is derived from the contributions of its individual members, allowing it to succeed beyond expectations.

Face Difficulties with Dignity

Accepting that difficulties and challenges will arise, we seek solutions brought about by thoughtful, intentional, and respectful analysis.